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If you are looking for a solution to sleep well and fresh, browse our online catalogue of ceiling fans: sober design for any room of your house but also for commercial furniture such as pubs, professional offices and holiday houses.
Some ceiling fans feature 3, 4 or 5 blades multicolour or not to cover any customer’s request, even the most demanding one. In this regard, we have inserted ceiling fans with light, various models to choose from 1-light, 2-light or 3-light or ceiling fans which feature the reverse function, so you can also use it in winter in order to diffuse warm air produced by air conditioning and heating all over the room with consequent energy-saving and money-saving due to electric bill reduction.
Every product data sheet features a movie-guide explaining the assembly of the ceiling fan and its safe fixing to the ceiling.
For every ceiling fan we provide a 15-year motor warranty. Modern ceiling fans made of wood, metal or plastic material, with different finishes. The remote control or wall control and other accessories allow you to use them easily.
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