FerroLuce Retro

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 A wide range of discounted products for online sale of FerroLuce firm which produces lighting items in retro, rustic vintage and industrial style such as: pendant lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps all hand-made and Made in Italy in order to make their products unique and original to fit pleasantly in every room of your house or for contract furniture in accordance with any requirement customers may have.
Vintage pendant light of FerroLuce collection as well as other lighting products of Retro catalogue are the result of creating process where craftsmen take care to details and tradition is mixed to simplicity to make your home more elegant.
Traditional skills of craftsmen, who make handmade decorations, put FerroLuce Retro in a leading position because it creates something differing from the serial industrial production, and every decorations is still handmade and unique.
Vintage suspensions, retro table lamps, rustic wall lights by FerroLuce Retro can be fixed either in private contests or contract furniture such as hotels, restaurants and cafes, where proper light is important to have the right ambiance.


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