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An entire gallery dedicated to wall-mounted lights in a wide array of styles from modern to vintage or shabby ones to cover all customer’s requests. Immediately available on stock and all offered with the best economic conditions, these wall lights differ in shapes and design with the best quality-price ratio made of top quality raw materials.

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Why do you need wall-mounted lights? Wall lighting is important for several reasons, first of all it provides necessary illumination for safety and secondly it accents architectural features but wall lights also serve for reading and other tasks.
Sconces fit pleasantly in any room working alongside other main lighting sources because a wall-mounted light provides supplemental illumination creating a more atmospheric effect than overhead solutions.
In a study or an office you could fix a wall-mounted swing arm light as a practical alternative to a traditional one. You could choose for adjustable wall lights which allow you to focus light where you need it creating ambiance or to bright shadowy corners of your home.
We advise to hang wall mounted lights at approximately eye level and they are commonly used in hallways and corridors but you should consider that most of them illuminate indirect on the wall differently than other lighting sources. For this reason it’s important to keep in mind the dimension of areas and then calculate the lumen output and size of sconces.
Choosing the right wall light isn’t complicated if you remember that uplights provide light up a wall, suitable for accent and atmosphere differently downlights illuminate the ground below for a practical purpose but some sconces illuminates both upwards and downwards.
In addition what has been pointed out already, it is very important to choose the proper wall mounted lights by deciding among more traditional choices in neutral metals with white or opal glass or the ultra-modern in several colour, finishes and shape.