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Mazzola Lighting is one of the largest online lighting stores in Italy. Our catalog includes only products carefully selected to ensure our customers the widest possible choice, while maintaining a good balance between design pieces and products that combine reliability and robustness with a great value for money. We have been working in lighting since 1970. A few years ago we have successfully launched our online store, and recently added this international version. We want to bring you all of our passion and experience gained in our 50-years work. The staff at offers a specialized service to guide the customer, to help him finding the right lighting, and to provide more details on sales conditions or item features. After you made a purchase we will always be available to provide post-order assistance. Browsing the catalog you will find a wide range of lighting products, design lighting, traditional style lights, led wall lights and pendant lights, and more. Feel free to contact us on the live chat if you need any further information.

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