With Mazzola Lighting and Design, the more you spend, the more you save!

For every €10 spent on Mazzola Lighting and Design's online store, you earn 1 point. Each point equals € 0.20 of credit that can be spent for further purchases on our online store.
Once your order has been processed and completed, points will be automatically credited to your account.
On the contrary, points will be deducted if the order is cancelled or returned (proportionately to the number of canceled / returned products).
You can check your points from the "points" section in your User Area.

How to use points

During the purchase process, when you select the method of payment, you will also be asked if you want to use your points. Their amount in euro will be displayed.
Eg .: "Use my bonus points, 100 points (€ 20) available".
It is not possible to split your points, they have to be used all at once and are valid for twelve (12) months.
Mazzola Lighting and Design reserves the right to suspend or modify the fidelity card program, upon communication on this website and/or by email.