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A huge selection of LED light bulbs. which use less electricity and last longer so you can save energy and money! Same size and shape of the traditional ones, they offer a higher luminous efficiency and consume less energy. Fluorescent bulbs not only in spiral shape but also drop, globe and candle.

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A wide range of LED light bulbs sold in single pack or in save money multipack. Now we should try to help you in the choosing of the right light, solving some of FAQ. 
First of all, differently to traditional halogen or incandescent light bulbs where Watts measured the power consumption, new LED light bulbs express their light power in Lumens (shortly lm) which more precisely measure light output. For example a 2000 lm LED bulb gives the same light output as a 150W incandescent bulb but it uses few of energy. 
Another important aspect is about what colour you prefer, so you could choose among a warmer or a cooler light and it is expressed in Kelvin degrees: 2700K (warm light) corresponds to the colour of the old incandescent light bulbs, 3000K (warm white light), 4000K (daylight) and 6500K (cold light). Some of LED bulbs are dimmable, that’s to say you can change light intensity thanks to a dimmer.