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Right lighting source of your home is something must not to be underestimated when considering efficiency or economics because every pendant light, floor lamp or wall llight give a new and different mood and ambiance to your home: living room, bedroom or even office need different lighting solutions.
If you want to light a room having low or standard ceilings of about 2.80 mt, and room features some lighting points, you will take a look of wall-mounted LED lights category including a wide range of selected wall-mounted lights in different styles and materials: plaster or metal, glass or ceramic, modern or vintage, and even classic or rustic style.
Sometimes some apartments don’t feature wall lighting points or you don’t want to install pendant/ceiling lights, in this case you could use floor lamps or table lamps which allow you to place them and move them at will, for example on dining room or between sofas.
Another aspect to be looked at is the bathroom lighting because of its relaxing power where lights contribute to make room more comfortable and peaceful. The most requested and purchased lamp is bathroom mirror lights with integrated LED or halogen lights, to facilitate make-up, mirroring and shaving without shadows.
Pendant light has always been the strong point of lighting sources with its new and versatile, but even extravagant shapes and designs. Modern suspension is one of the best lighting product to illuminate rooms with medium/high ceilings, thanks to LEDs included.
Recently kitchen also has undergone many changes, even lighting products have been adapted to new needs and styles to light on Kitchen Hanging Ligths with new spotlights and downlights in different shapes and style capable to light downward.
 Corridors need the same importance of other rooms and new LED recessed wall lights have been installed to light on stairs or to create a luminous path.