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Ideal Lux offers a wide selection of Made in Italy products at competitive prices.
Indoor and outdoor lighting, ideal for
hotels, but also pubs and restaurants.
Have a look at our online catalog, you will find elegant chandeliers for any kind of living room:
modern as the Duke model, with lampshades as Pegasus or Blanche, but also classic ones
with wooden arms or with rhinestones and pendants as Giudecca or Colossal.
Ideal Lux counts with moder suspensions with a minimalist design,
like Smarties or Mapa models
or cone shaped suspensions, ideal for the breakfast area of a kitchen with island or peninsula.
And also Snow and Moonlight, contemporary ceiling lights with crystal pendants.
Rustic chandeliers, bedside reading light, spotlights and even more.
Quality at an affordable price.
and the excellence of an Italian brand.