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Here we try to give you some details to reply as clear as possible to help you in choosing the ceiling recessed downlights.
There are two main components of recessed lighting for false ceiling you should consider: the trim and the housing, both often sold separately. The first refers to what we see below the ceiling, such as the trim style which can be in gypsum, metal, glass or plastic. The latter is what’s above the ceiling, it is used often in concrete ceiling to have a more isolating element and it contains all of the electrical components.

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According to your specific needs, you should clear ideas about what do you need: Do you need general illumination for the room or just highlight some architectural features? Or do you want to add another layer of light in addition to other lighting sources? We also underline the importance to consider the height of the ceiling and how the room is because these elements also dictate how many ceiling recessed downlights you’ll need and which sizes are appropriate to have the proper lighting power. Normally they should be fixed 80/90 cm spaces apart and there’s basically two types of lighting to choose from: integrated LED or fitted with traditional sockets which allow you to use incandescent, fluorescent light bulbs.
Even if sometimes LED ones cost more up front, many customers buy LED recessed downlights because LEDs use far less energy and last much longer. Another important aspect is the lighting colour temperature expressed in Scale in Kelvins (K). This comes down to personal preference but we try to help you: the degrees of Kelvin (K) communicate the tone of white light that will be emitted from the fixture, that’s to say 2700K is typically Warm light, 3000K is white warm light while 4000K is whiter and 6500K is colder almost glacial. 
The majority of our recessed lights for false ceiling are in gypsum with flangeless trim which gives a high-end look completely flush with the ceiling surface. Otherwise if you desire to add colour you can find some trim in satin nickel, polished chrome or brass and bronze. Dimming is another feature you could consider in the choosing the recessed lights. In this way not only you can set the proper mood for the room by dimming lights but you can also save more energy.